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IBAMA authorizes sustainable forest management

Brasilia (5/6/2015) – Ibama closed in the month of April the tests and approvals of annual operational plans (POA/2015) relating to forest exploitation concessions issued by the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB) the Jamari national forest and Crenicichla in Rondônia State.  Implementations were approved four POAs, with authorized area for forest concession scheme about 5,000 acres.
The forest concession was regulated by law No. 11,284, of March 2, 2006, and consists of delegate so burdensome right to practice sustainable forest management activities in public forests, previously defined in a stock plan (PAOF) and granted through bidding process after met the technical and legal requirements of the notice that demonstrate capacity for its performance and especially to guarantee the sustainable use of forest resources.
In the Jamari national forest, sustainable use conservation unit located in the municipalities of Itapuã do Oeste, common piping Guans and Candeias Jamari in Rondônia State, was allowed the sustainable forest management of 45,272 m³ of forest products. Already in the national forest Jacundá, situated in the North of the State and which has a total area of 220,644 hectares, the approved annual operating plans represented a volume of 60,000 cubic meters of forest products to be used in sustainable forest management regime.
The annual operational plan brings, among other data, the result of census of the trees (forest inventory to 100%) for the area sought to forest management regime. This survey shows the existing forest species with possibility of exploitation and those that should remain to ensure the sustainability of the forest. This survey is the basis of planning of forest exploitation.
It is worth mentioning that the forest concession aims to conserve the vegetation cover of the public forests through federal stimulus to formal economy with products and services from managed forests, promoting the improvement of the quality of life of the population living in its surroundings while at the same time shy away the invasion of these forests.
Ibama has the task of monitoring the implementation of forestry activities foreseen in the forest management plan, getting the dealer subject to penalties if delinquency incurs in the treatment of the forest, in the form agreed in contract.
Source: Ibama
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